The Major Errors in Dog Training

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Author: Gerhard Wiesmeth & Stefanie Weinrich

The PDF information script for the Major Errors in Dog Training is immediately available here. Download for free! (e-book is also available) This script critically throws light on the following subjects: Residential training, compulsive training for dogs, yanking on the leash, usage of pinch collars and electric-shock collars, clicker, flexible long leash, punishment in general, dominance theory, sense and nonsense of puppy play groups, to ignore misconduct and problem behaviour.

Clears errors within the use of outdated methods in dogtraining, and with  irony and cynicism lets the reader rethink about the implementation of established devices, and respectively to critically question the usage of such, with regard to our dogs education.

Everyone does what he wants, nobody does what they should, everybody plays the same game.

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when the dog talks to us, Education and training: The real reasons. You must know the facts before you pervert them. Dear colleagues, experts or whatever you wish to call yourself, The practical use of Ethnology, The realistic biological association that the dog is seeking for, Dog training verses Dog therapy, How long does a successful therapy take?

The child loving family dog, or the secret desires of our dog, Puppy play groups are important for social behaviour, Punishment in general or ridiculous ideas about drill and pain, Fairytales about how important correct training is for puppies, What happens when you punish a dog? It must do it for me and not for the treats, The truth about dominance and “tug-of-war” games

Residential training – the last hope?, The command, NO!, Ignoring the dog, The pinch collar, Technical means of assistance:  Electric collars, Toys, Balls and hard rubber toys (also filled with treats), Training, using treat bag and fixed long lines, Ridiculous use of the protection instinct, The flexible long line, The leg leader, What happens by the problem, leash pulling?, The anti-bell collar, The nose grip, Shaking by the scruff of the neck, Yanking on the leash, Head collar, Clicker, Owners with more than one dog

The (problem) dog from a shelter, Rumours and truths around the theme dogs, The most ridiculous comments about dog education.

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